Secure networking; everyone needs it, most of us think we’ve got it. In reality, IT security has evolved at a rapid pace and using firewalls alone is not an acceptable strategy for protecting your brand’s reputation. If you haven’t developed an efficient and progressive strategy for coping with the infinite threats to your company’s IT, then you’re sure to experience a breach of some sort in the near future.

Whether data leakage from within or a directed attack on your network you need to have total confidence that your network will cope and maintain business continuity.
Core to our secure networking ethos is that rigorous and robust IT security should be effortlessly introduced and managed in any organisation whilst enabling employees and customers to continue without interruption.

Ampito Europe has a proud history of flexible and highly secure IT Security, including Next Generation Firewalls, backing up and securing applications or providing comprehensive defence against DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service).

Ampito Europe uses its carefully chosen vendors and our 24/7 in house support services to build your organisation an ecosystem of security that combines innovative and customer focussed design with robust defence.

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